The Future of The Association Management Industry

Marching Boldly into A Digital Future

The future of the association management industry by Fernley & FernleyNovember 13, 2019, Philadelphia, PA – Fernley & Fernley, the founder of the association management industry since 1886, presents its State of the Association Industry. With over a hundred years of experience in consistently bringing value to the AMC industry, the association management company is poised to optimize its services, redefine association management, and take the next step into a digital future with its valued clients. Renowned in the industry for providing full service and select association management services, Fernley & Fernley is poised to forge ahead in a positive direction.

“As Bob Dylan so eloquently said, ‘The Times, they are a-changing…’ and the AMC industry is no different. The days of 5-day conventions – working half day and playing the other half with lavish receptions– are gone. Efficiency and engagement are now required. But how an association engages with their board, members and community must change significantly. We must embrace change and be thought leaders in a rapidly changing business environment,” states G. Taylor Fernley, Chairman and CEO of Fernley & Fernley.

Effective Time Management

Time is no longer a luxury that people can afford. Increased demands and expectations from associations and their members are making it increasingly difficult to recruit board members. Now, the priorities for any successfully-run association are making sure member engagement is optimal, organizational goals are met, and financial responsibility is ensured at all levels. And, no exceptions!

Leadership Training

Associations that are invested in maintaining the productive pace of their internal operations must have more than a surface relationship with their members. Leadership training, board governance, and accountability are essential to a successful association. They must do better than implement basic communications, embrace a more diverse workforce, and keep up with the times, or they’ll find themselves unable to stay afloat in a vibrant and technologically-advanced world.

Enhanced Technology

Transparency, efficiency and creativity – through the use of technology – are leading the charge. Leadership training by bridging the technology gap will help to hold leaders accountable and manage expectations. Effective communication tools will be implemented to integrate all communication efforts that will improve messaging, enhance education, and meet the needs of members, the board, and community at large.

Focus on the Future

“The traditional AMC model has gone stale. It’s the same model my great, great grandfather invented back in 1886. The model today allows leaders to get buried in the weeds, burning them out and leaving a bad taste in their mouth as they depart their position. So, we have reinvented the model. In our new platform, it’s all about the experience. Board members are able to be – well, board members – and ENJOY their volunteer work. Our model supports the leadership in a way that allows them to be efficient and successful. Thereby making them feel good about the work they have accomplished during their tenure and wanting to come back for more,” exclaims Kyle Fernley, President of Fernley & Fernley.

Fernley & Fernley has dedicated the last 24 months to revitalizing its services so it can better accommodate associations that need both an all-inclusive association management approach as well as a hybrid effort based on the association’s specific needs.  Fernley & Fernley is poised to provide association management, leadership development, event and meeting planning, membership management, operations support and financial management for a wide variety of non-profit associations.

Our manageable service lines are based on the unique and evolving needs of diverse clients. Without changing Fernley & Fernley’s relationship model, this upgrade in services will allow for more flexibility in meeting the requirements that come with dynamic client needs in a highly competitive industry.

Once again pioneering the progress of the Association Management Industry, Fernley & Fernley has been uniquely enhanced to become a seamless part of the rapidly-evolving management landscape. America’s first association management company is prepared to meet association management needs nationwide, just as it successfully has for so many years.

With the inclusion of the comprehensive upgrades needed to execute initiatives that bring value to organizations in today’s world, there is no limit to success. With change, come great opportunities. Fortified with the right technology, unparalleled expertise in the industry, an impressive track record, and a fresh and dynamic mindset, Fernley & Fernley is dedicated to taking the next big step into the future and be the association management company of choice.

If you are ready to grow your association and focus on growth at all levels, contact us today.

ABOUT FERNLEY & FERNLEY: Fernley & Fernley, founded in 1886, is one of America’s most respected association management companies. As Certified Meeting Planners (CMP), with Certificates in Meeting Management (CMM) and Conference Planning and Event Management (CMEP), we are committed to delivering quality to help our clients achieve mission success. At Fernley & Fernley, we know that every client is unique. We strive to understand each client’s needs, offer enhanced options, and tailor our services to satisfy those goals and objectives.

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