The Future of Event Meeting Planning: Innovative Experiences

The event meeting planning arena is changing fast, so adapting accordingly is essential. Whether you serve as an event planner for association or corporate events, or collaborate with an event and meeting planning company, engaging your guests is of utmost importance. As we realize the changes in human behavior, it is the event meeting planning expert’s role to improve engagement, ensure effective communication, as well as manage expectations. Gone are the days when people attend an event and expect human interaction. We need to be prepared and get ahead of the curve, as we recognize the “swipe left or right” generation will be the predominant guests at these events. What we propose at Fernley & Fernley is that the future of event meeting planning is all about innovation and creating exceptional experiences.
Here are some tips you can embrace when preparing for future meetings and events:

Invest in Experience-Enhancing AI

As much as the use of technology in events is the order of the day, the most important thing is how attendees will interact with it when they are on the ground. The expectation from your guests is that AI will enhance their experience by eliminating lengthy queues at check-in stations and by streamlining speaker agendas and workshops to avoid lags. Some of the areas you will see the application of AI today and in the future will include real-time event analysis, live forums, the use of Chatbots, and security.

Embrace Interactive Live Event Experiences

Increasing the engagement of event attendees is no longer an option because they expect content delivery during such gatherings to be innovative, exciting, and personal. Live event experiences inject new life in meetings as you will discover from an experienced event planner. Consider these options:
  • VR Content– It is now possible to organize an event like none other thanks to virtual reality, which will soon become a standard requirement for such gatherings. Fully interactive surveys and enhanced gamification become a possibility through VR, which implies that you will be able to engage guests at your event through all their senses using this technology.
  • Amplified Gamification– A dull or even typical event is the last thing that guests want to experience, and gaming is an effective way of sprucing things up during such gatherings. In the future, most events will see the introduction of personalized gaming opportunities that will involve winning points, prizes, and badges as well as customized interactive opportunities, keeping track of positions in leaderboards, and sharing experiences.

Personalized Content

Capturing the attention of all event attendees is critical and that is why differentiating focus, scaffolding, and content delivery as an event planner is a necessity. Delivering value through content that is in demand and identifying how best you can reach attendees during an event spurs interest among all. Technology can help you achieve this by ensuring that each session, demonstration, and speaker, is in alignment with the demands of your guests. There are some events in which you will invite sponsors and/ or exhibitors. You’ll want to provide as much information to them so they can also customize their own brand experience to be in alignment with the event’s overarching theme or goals. The future of event meeting planning is all about innovation that creates new and memorable experiences. Let’s explore your options and talk with Fernley & Fernley about your upcoming event or meeting soon. Contact us today!