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“As a result of our partnership with Fernley & Fernley, we have been able to improve and increase the benefits we can offer to our members while controlling our costs. From my perspective transitioning from a stand-alone to an AMC such as Fernley & Fernley has provided SCT with access to a variety of resources that have been available to us on an as-needed basis. In a stand-alone model, resource identification and utilization can be a time consuming effort.”

Anne Lindblad, PhD

Past President, Society for Clinical Trials

Fernley & Fernley Client Since 2007

“Fernley & Fernley has served as management partner for the Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association since its inception in 1944. Clearly, the industry and our Trade Association have seen many changes and challenges along the way. One of the strengths of the Fernley & Fernley management team has been their ability to help steward the association through those changes while also understanding and respecting the cultural aspects of ADMA that make us unique. The Fernley & Fernley team is a trusted resource to ADMA – they understand their responsibility to help us evolve, but always in the context of respect for the core purpose and values of the association.”

Michael G. Shaw, Past President

Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association

Fernley & Fernley Client Since 1944

Fernley & Fernley has been a great fit for ISA. They are large enough to provide ISA with everything we need, yet the service experience is much more custom than one might expect. During my tenure on the ISA Executive Committee, ISA experienced substantial organizational changes. Our (Fernley) team helped us address those changes by serving as a source of stability, but also adjusting their approach to meet our changing circumstances. Fernley’s commitment to ISA’s success is consistently demonstrated by their attentiveness to our evolving needs and their flexibility in addressing them.”

Craig Vogel, Immediate Past Chairman

Industrial Supply Association

Fernley & Fernley Client

“I am more than happy to endorse Fernley & Fernley as an excellent provider of association management services. Be assured that Fernley & Fernley was highly responsive to the unique needs of NACNS during our transition period. At that particular point in the organization’s history, there was a need for significant change in the organization’s established business practices. Throughout our management transition, the Fernley Team was accessible, engaged, and professional.”

Patti R. Zuzelo, EdD, RN, ACNS-BC,ANP-BC, FAAN

Past President, National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

Fernley & Fernley Client Since 2010

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“Our show was a blowout. I was amazed by your team….how well they did and I’m so appreciative. I’ve gotten a lot of the credit for these things but I know that most of the credit needs to go back to the Fernley Team and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the incredible effort you and your team put in. Thanks!”

Kevin Pearson, IKECA

“The Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care (SSWLHC) and Fernley & Fernley have had an outstanding partnership for the last 13 years. The staff at Fernley know our people and our culture and they manage SSWLHC in a way that allows us to continue to grow both from a financial and membership perspective. As a past board member and four-time conference chair, I look forward to working with the Fernley staff to support another successful conference.”

Susan Guth, SSWLHC

“As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization pertaining to drinking water quality, the American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) relies on our corps of dedicated volunteers from across the country. However, it is critical that we also have a strong association management company to handle contacts, membership, budget and accounting, conference planning, and our tester certification program. Fernley & Fernley has capably provided each of these functions for us in a professional, dedicated and efficient manner. My daily communication with our Executive Director allows me to know that the Fernley Team is continuously working for the ABPA.”

Tim Brown, ABPA

“As NRAA’s Executive Director, I rely on the Fernley & Fernley Team to provide operational insight and manage ongoing projects including an Annual Conference for over 500 attendees. Fernley & Fernley provides NRAA with both reliable infrastructure and the professional staff to ensure effective day-to-day operations while providing great personal services to our members and Board of Directors. We are fortunate to have such a strong partner aligned with us.”

Marc Chow, MS

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