3 Life Lessons by Ed Herr, CEO, Herr’s Potato Chips

by: Taylor Fernley, CEO, Fernley & Fernley

Source: Herr’s

Attending a CEO Roundtable recently, the feature speaker was Ed Herr, CEO, of the Herr’s Potato Chip empire. It was his father, James, who bought a potato chip company in Lancaster in 1946 for $1750. The rest is history.

Ed shared 3 life lessons that have guided his company to successful heights.

  1. First, ‘show up early/stay late/and do what others do not want to do’. His family’s strong work ethic has been his advantage in a very competitive marketplace (remember Lay’s ad of ‘bet you can’t eat just one?’).
  2. The second lesson for us eager listeners was to have an organization structure showing what ‘steps need to be accomplished BEFORE family members are permitted to ascend to the level within the organization’. Some made it… and some did not.
  3. And the final and third life lesson was ‘to have fun’. Ed credits his mother for creating an environment whereby work was fun. Really? Yep, often her children preferred work over play. That is a remarkable skill that would serve us all well going forward.

These life lessons are applicable and relevant to any business today. Learn from them; I did.